Legendary Swords


Barbarian Barbarian 168,00EUR Buy Now
Don Quixote Don Quixote 198,00EUR Buy Now
Excalibur Excalibur 77,00EUR Buy Now
Excalibur - Enamel Excalibur - Enamel 207,00EUR Buy Now
Excalibur - Gold/Silver Excalibur - Gold/Silver 157,00EUR Buy Now
Ivanhoe Ivanhoe 132,00EUR Buy Now
Katana - Connor McLeod Katana - Connor McLeod 115,00EUR Buy Now
Lancelot Lancelot 138,00EUR Buy Now
Merlin´s Sword Merlin´s Sword 76,00EUR Buy Now
Richard Lionheart Sword Richard Lionheart Sword 64,00EUR Buy Now
Robin Hood - Gold / Silver Robin Hood - Gold / Silver 177,00EUR Buy Now
Sword Excalibur, barbarian-silver Sword Excalibur, barbarian-silver 77,00EUR Buy Now
Sword Excalibur, golden Sword Excalibur, golden 64,00EUR Buy Now
Sword Excalibur, silver Sword Excalibur, silver 64,00EUR Buy Now
The Apocalypse Riders The Apocalypse Riders 272,00EUR Buy Now
The Hell Guardian The Hell Guardian 272,00EUR Buy Now
Valiant Prince Valiant Prince 172,00EUR Buy Now
Wallace Two Hand Sword Wallace Two Hand Sword 84,00EUR Buy Now

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2 x Celtic Short Sword
1 x Revólver Mk 4
1 x 17th Century Clansmans Leather Pouch Sporran
1 x Viking Sword with Scabbard
1 x Sword
1 x Katana
1 x Hospitable Banner (double)
1 x Chain- Mail
1 x Calatrava Banner (simple)
1 x Hospitable Banner (simple)
1 x Folding Knife Red Wood Handle
1 x Magnum Tanto
2 x Recon I Tanto-Sierra
1 x Ali Atar´s Sword, gold finish
1 x Bokken
1 x Automatic Pistol, Colt Caliber .45, M1911A1 - Nickled
1 x Clothing Templar Custome
1 x Gold Templar Sword
1 x Clothing Teutonic Custome
1 x Clothing Caltrava Custome
1 x 300 Sword
1 x Comet Fighting Shield
1 x "Imperial Gallic H" Roman Legion Helmet
1 x Calatrava Banner (double)
1 x Clothing St. James Cloak
1 x Cross Templars Shield
1 x Basinet Pigface Helmet
1 x Hood
1 x 300 Sword
1 x English Short Sword C-XVII - Battle Ready
1 x Colt 45
1 x Ballock Baseland C.XIII
1 x Curtiss P40-B Warhawk, Scale 1/18
1 x Bowman with scabard
1 x Celtic Dagger
1 x Clothing King Arthur costume
1 x Clothing St. James Custome
1 x Barbarian
1 x Engraved Winchester 73 - Brass Trim
1 x Clothing Caltrava Cloak
1 x Clothing Hospitble Custome
1 x Knights Templars Shield
1 x Colt 45 PeaceMaker
1 x Coppergate Helmet
1 x Bishop Scarf Chain mail
1 x 10th Century Norman Long Sword
1 x Clothing Richard Lion- Heart Costume
1 x Clothing Teutonic Cloak
1 x Clothing Hospitble Cloak
1 x English Short Sword C-XVII - Museum
1 x Merlin´s Sword
1 x Katana - Connor McLeod
1 x The Apocalypse Riders
1 x Sword Excalibur, golden
1 x Lancelot
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