We have no physical store, only operate over the Internet. This is one of the reasons why we offer such low prices by eliminating fixed costs.


Xyfos.com is an online store. Logistics warehouse has no public attention at the moment so can not pass to collect the material in person.


We do not have. We prefer to keep prices low to recruit staff to be aware of the phone. We believe in new technology and versatility, so email is the most effective method of contact. You can fill our simple contact form. We recommend that before you do check this page for Frequently Asked Questions Your question may have been already settled here. We check for new mail several times a day and usually respond immediately to all your queries. Our office hours are Monday through Friday from 9:00 to 17:00 h. If your question is not resolved instantly means that we are working to develop an appropriate response. On holidays and weekends there is no support email, and your question will be resolved the next business day. If you still consider necessary a phone call, leave a fixed schedule and a contact in the contact form (a margin of 2 hours which should coincide with ours) and we will contact you shortly. Do not forget to indicate the reason for the phone call.


Ordering is possible by e-mail to pedidos@xyfos.com or directly in this web site.


We accept payment by Credit Card or Bank Wire Transfer.


The ownership of the items is exclusively Xyfos.com not be issued until payment for the order in question.

Typically has about 15 days to pay, before, at our discretion, cancel your order by default.

That does NOT guarantee that if you pay 14 days after placing your order, your item remains in stock, as other customers may have requested the same item, paid on the spot, and the item has been exhausted.


You can check the current status of your order in your order history within the My Account section.


Simply contact us indicating your order number and wish to cancel. Do not ask for an explanation of any kind even if desired, can also indicate the reason will help us serve you better next time.


No, we only sell and ship merchandise in Europe.


All our prices are final, there is not any further increment because taxes. The only tax that you should pay would be the customs import taxes of your own country or territory ( if they were aplicable ).


We have calculated our margings in order to allow us to offer the best possible price, so for some products our margin is really low. The aplicable discount would depend of the amount, value and kind of products that you want to order. In some cases could it be possible and in others not.
If you are interested in purchasing many items at a time, e-mail us and we will send you a quotation.


Normally, after confirmation of your order, take two to four days to process your order, if we have the merchandise in stock, we'll send a courier company will deliver at 24 to 48 hours.

In xyfos.com not guarantee any specific date of delivery of the goods, or even weeks / months ahead. While we try to accommodate the requests of our customers, we can not guarantee that an order is delivered to a date (wedding, baptism, communion, birthdays, etc..). In other words, we will do our best to accommodate your requests regarding dates are concerned, but do not attend to complaints in this regard. Even so, we aim for the delivery of our orders as small as possible after receipt of payment.


Prior to shipment we check all products to ensure that they are in perfect condition. In any case all the products are guaranteed, so it would be replaced, if the damage was caused by the transport, please read below...


Our program automatically calculates the cost of transport.
It may happen that if you ask several large items, or one very large (like a full plate of size) the program can not calculate the price and after completing your order, we will send you an e-mail informing you of the cost of transport.

By offering our products at the best price, our margins are narrow, and for this reason, we can not afford to send bulky packages and then we get returned because the customer has not gone to pick them up or simply changed their minds. That is why for some bulky items may require payment in advance.


All the shipments are insured, so if they are damaged during transport they will be replaced if you follow the following intructions.

      • If your order is insured, at the reception of the package you have to follow the following instructions (if it is not insured it, could be useful for you to follow them in case you have to claim)
      • Allways check the package at the delivery. If at the delivery there is any damage in the package, open it inmediately and check the material, if it is damaged, on incomplete write it and describe the damage in the transport agency delivery note, and notify it to xyfos.com within the first 24 hours after reception.
      If not done so there will be no way to claim to the insurance company, and xyfos.com will not accept any responsability or liability.
      • If you have insured your order, and it is loss or damaged, and you follow these easy instructions, xyfos.com will replace the lost, incomplete or broken item.


The products of our sword section are from selected manufacturers as Swords From Toledo, and Deepeeka, the quality is superb. If you want to learn more about our swords, their qualities, etc... please read our “About our Swords” section.


All our products are made by first line Companies, the guarantee for them is given directly by the manufacturer, and the terms of it are the manufacturer´s ones. As we have products from several manufacturers and each one is offering guarantee terms, please contact us if you need further information.


We have described all the items in order to avoid confusion for you when ordering. But in the case that what you receive it is not what you expected, you can return it under the terms expressed in the our “Payment, Shipping and Returns” section.


The blades come in various types of steel

420 - top quality stainless steel, can be incredibly well polished, also it won´t rust or stain. It´s the same metal used for surgical knives .
440 C - is also a stainless steel and a very robust metal, this is used in some of the cheaper functional items and in several of the decorative pieces.
Carbon Steel - this is simply the strongest steel you can get and it don´t come cheap. It´s very important if you buy a carbon steel blade that you keep it well oiled. The best being Toledo, High Spring Carbon Steel and Damascus Carbon Steel
Folded Steel - Originally the point of folding was to spread the carbon content out evenly along the blade, otherwise you would have soft and hard spots, and the blade would often break in these places. Modern steel is of a lot better quality and already has an evenly distributed carbon content, so there is no need for folding to improve strength if the blade is forged correctly (this is a heat-treatment process).


In some sword descriptions with figures on the steel such as Rockwell scale 40 or 60...These refer to hardness of steel which is measured by units called "Rockwell´s" on a scale known as the Rockwell C scale. The higher the Rockwell value the harder the metal is, the higher the number does not relate to how good the sword is. Some blades need to be flexible and have different properties and many are made of more than one hardness of steel such as the forged and folded blades we sell.

20-25 RC At this level of hardness steel bars can flex a few inches and return to their original shape. Anything heat treated higher than 25 can cut it.

30-40 RC - This level of hardness is the lowest you allow for a sword.. Against other swords at 40 RC they will do fine, and swords exposed to incorrect edge-on-edge fighting will dent but not chip and can be hammered back straight.

40-45 RC - This is a good RC to be used on the spine (back of the blade) of differentially heat-treated swords (e.g. Chinese, Japanese, etc.) This hardness level will have some spring qualities, allowing the blade to flex slightly making it less brittle.

50-52 - This is the base for the European medieval swords. This hardness will give you a good middle-line between hardness for holding an edge and toughness. It´s still soft enough though to be a good shock absorber dampening vibrations passed thought the blade to the tang then to your hands.

58-60 - This is the ideal hardness for the edge of differentially heat treated swords like Japanese katanas and Chinese swords. An edge of this hardness can slice into most materials that are comparably softer like some woods, plastics, some metals.


If you have any question that you want to be included in our faq section, please write us here

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16 x Calatrava Banner (double)
16 x Calatrava Banner (simple)
13 x Chain- Mail
19 x Clothing Caltrava Cloak
19 x Clothing Caltrava Custome
19 x Clothing Hospitble Cloak
19 x Clothing Hospitble Custome
19 x Clothing King Arthur costume
19 x Clothing Richard Lion- Heart Costume
19 x Clothing St. James Cloak
19 x Clothing St. James Custome
17 x Clothing Templar Custome
19 x Clothing Teutonic Cloak
17 x Clothing Teutonic Custome
14 x Cross Templars Shield
14 x Gold Templar Sword
19 x Hood
17 x Hospitable Banner (double)
19 x Hospitable Banner (simple)
14 x Knights Templars Shield
36 x Folding Knife Red Wood Handle
30 x Magnum Tanto
31 x Recon I Tanto-Sierra
21 x Gift Card
21 x Gift Wrapping
19 x "Imperial Gallic H" Roman Legion Helmet
28 x 10th Century Norman Long Sword
23 x 300 Sword
23 x 300 Sword
19 x Ali Atar´s Sword, gold finish
28 x Automatic Pistol, Colt Caliber .45, M1911A1 - Nickled
24 x Ballock Baseland C.XIII
20 x Barbarian
20 x Basinet Pigface Helmet
25 x Bishop Scarf Chain mail
26 x Bokken
21 x Bowman with scabard
29 x Celtic Dagger
20 x Colt 45
20 x Colt 45 PeaceMaker
22 x Comet Fighting Shield
20 x Coppergate Helmet
21 x Curtiss P40-B Warhawk, Scale 1/18
25 x English Short Sword C-XVII - Battle Ready
19 x Engraved Winchester 73 - Brass Trim
22 x Sword
20 x English Short Sword C-XVII - Museum
23 x Viking Sword with Scabbard
12 x Katana
17 x 17th Century Clansmans Leather Pouch Sporran
15 x Revólver Mk 4
15 x Oficial Sword ROBIN HOOD
20 x Last Samurai Katana
11 x Alexander Falcata
11 x Alexander Sword
11 x Alexander Sword Scabbard
10 x Darius Dagger
11 x Darius Dagger Scabbard
10 x Darius Sword
10 x Darius Sword Scabbard
11 x Falcata Scabbard
10 x Elenas´s Sword
10 x Zorro´s Sword
10 x Zorro´s Sword, classical serie )
10 x Maximo´s Sword
10 x Maximo´s Sword Scabbard
10 x Tigris´s of Gaul Sword
10 x Hercules Sword, Gold
10 x Hercules Sword, Silver
11 x "The Best of Highlander" Claymore Dagger, golden
11 x "The Best of Highlander" Claymore Dagger, Silver
12 x "The Best of Highlander" Claymore, golden
12 x "The Best of Highlander" Claymore, Silver
11 x "The Best of Highlander" Dagger, golden
11 x "The Best of Highlander" Dagger, silver
11 x "The Best of Highlander" Sword, golden
11 x "The Best of Highlander" Sword, silver
10 x Claymore Shield
11 x Connor MacLeod Katana
10 x Connor MacLeod Sword
10 x Duncan MacLeod Katana
10 x Duncan MacLeod Rapier Sword
10 x Highlander Shield
10 x Kronos Sword
10 x Richie Ryan Rapier Sword
10 x Captain Hook´s Sword
10 x Peter Pan´s Sword
11 x Gabrielle Katana
10 x Xena Katana "Final Episode"
10 x Xena Super Katana
10 x Xena Sword
12 x Makara Two Hand Sword
11 x Takuan Two Hand Sword
10 x Zatoichi Taichi Sword
9 x Zhang Sanfeng Taichi Sword
21 x Oak Bokken
20 x Oak Bokken - Black
11 x Sai
25 x Shinai
19 x Wooden Taichi Sword
9 x "Imperial Italic" Centurion Helmet with Plume
6 x "Pig Face" Helmet
5 x Barbuta Helm
10 x Barbute Helmet
9 x Chivalric Helmet
8 x Conique Helmet
9 x Corinthian Helmet with Plume
10 x Corinthian Helmet without Plume
8 x European Closed Helmet
8 x European Great Helmet
8 x Gadiator Helmet
8 x Gladiator Helmet
16 x Great Helmet
5 x Helmet Engraved North of Spain
16 x Hoplite Helmet
7 x Leather Crusader Helmet
7 x Leather English Helmet
18 x Gauntlets
19 x Greek-Roman Sandles
9 x Templar Clothing
8 x 970.9 Shield
8 x 982 Shield
6 x Large Rustic Shied Dragon
6 x Lion Shield
10 x Round Fighting Shield
6 x Rustic Shied Eagles
9 x Shield
6 x Small Shield
14 x Teutonic Banner (simple)
14 x Teutonic Banner (double)
11 x Templar´s Gauntlers
10 x Templar Helmet
14 x Templar Banner (simple)
14 x Templar Banner (double)
9 x Table Around´s Shield of th King Arthur
26 x St. James Banner (simple)
14 x St. James Banner (double)
9 x Silver Templar Sword
9 x Shield
8 x Axe Gold Plated
8 x Axe Old Style
10 x Great War Viking Axe
15 x Practical Medieval Knight Axe
9 x Practical XV Century War Hammer
7 x Gorcesca, XVI century, Italia
7 x Guisarma, XVI century, Italia
6 x Middle Age Spear, Portugal
6 x Middle Age Spear, Spain
5 x Middle Age Spear, Spain
22 x Regaton
25 x Spear Blade
24 x Hammer and Glove Set
20 x Katana Bag
21 x Katana Bag
21 x Maintenance Traditional Kit
10 x Transport Bag
7 x Katana Exhibitor
7 x Katana Exhibitor
7 x Katana Exhibitor
7 x Katana Exhibitor
20 x Katana Exhibitor
7 x Katana Exhibitor
7 x Katana Exhibitor
6 x Katana Red Woodboard
6 x Katana Woodboard
30 x Stand for Helmet
11 x Stand for One Sword
18 x Stand for Three Swords
11 x Stand for Two Swords
6 x Sword Exhibitor
7 x Sword Exhibitor
19 x Three Katanas - Exhibitor
6 x Medieval Dagger Scabbard
6 x Sable Woodboard
6 x Sabre Leather Bag
7 x Scimitar Woodboard
8 x Sheath and Belt
8 x Sheath and Tahali
27 x Sword Frog belt holder
6 x Sword Holder Hand
9 x Wrapped Sheath and Belt
18 x Automatic Pistol, Colt Caliber .45, M1911A1
18 x Automatic Pistol, Colt Caliber .45, M1911A1 - Black
24 x Beretta pistol 92 F.9 mm, parabellum
22 x Beretta pistol 92 F.9 mm, parabellum - Nickled
21 x Browning HP or GP35
18 x Luger
13 x Mauser 1.896
11 x Walther P-38
11 x Walther PPK
19 x Walther PPK - Nickled
16 x Ametralladora MP40 (2ª Guerra Mundial)
12 x Kalashnikov AK-47
21 x Kalashnikov AK-47 folding butt
20 x Kalashnikov AK-47 without butt.
11 x M1 Garand
16 x M1 Garand, Bayoneta mod.1905E1
11 x M1 Sub Machine- Gun
19 x M1A1 Sub Machine- Gun
22 x Python 2" Revolver
20 x Python 6" Revolver
13 x Python 8" Revolver
13 x Pyton Revolver 4"
9 x Bunney Pocket Pistol
8 x Dueling Pistol
7 x Dueling Pistol - Brass Trim
8 x English Pistol
15 x Flintlock pistol, 18th. Century
8 x French Century XVIII Pistol
13 x French Dueling Pistol
8 x French Dueling Pistol - Brass Trim
7 x French Pistol - Brass Trim
8 x George Washington Pistol
13 x German Pistol - s. XVIII
15 x Italian Flintlock Pistol
8 x Italian Flintlock Pistol
8 x Italian Flintlock Pistol - Brass Trim
8 x Italian Pistol
8 x Italian Pistol - Brass Trim
8 x Italian XVIII Century Pistol
7 x Kentucky Flintlock Pistol
7 x Napoleonic Pistol
10 x Colt 45 - Black
9 x Colt 45 Cavalry, model 1.873
9 x Colt 45 PeaceMaker - Brass Trim
10 x Colt Army, model 1.860
10 x Colt Army, model 1.860 "Brass Trim"
10 x Colt model 1.860
8 x Colt US Navy, model 1.851 - Brass Trim
13 x Revólver Le Mat de la guerra civil EUA
13 x Six Shot revolver
8 x Six Shot revolver - Brass Trim
14 x USA cavalry revolver Colt, 1873
14 x USA cavalry revolver Colt, 1873 - Nickled
13 x Ametralladora MP40 con Correa
8 x Britihs rifle "Brown Bess" (with Bayonet)
7 x Enfield Rifle 1.853
6 x Enfield Rifle 1.860
6 x Engraved Winchester 73
12 x Infantry rifle 1850
13 x Napoleonic rifle, 1.806 model.
8 x Napoleonic rifle, 1.806 model. (With bayonet)
13 x Rifle "Mare's Leg", EUA 1892
10 x SMLE Lee Enfield Nº1 MkIII
18 x Winchester
8 x Winchester "John Wayne"
23 x Messerschmitt 109 E, Scale 1/32
18 x War Sword with scabard
16 x Viking Sword
16 x Sword of Queen, old gold
21 x Scottish Dirk
20 x Rondel Dagger C.XIV
26 x Roman Pugio
17 x Roman Legionary Helmet "Imperial Italic D"
18 x Letter Opener Damascene
13 x Falcata, Iberian sword
20 x German Officer Sabre
13 x Gladius, Centurion´s Sword
18 x Infantry Sword
15 x Katana - Sirasaya Taisho
15 x Katana 350
16 x Katana Set - Ashikawa
13 x Leather Franc Helmet
13 x Morrion Helmet
15 x Norman Helmet with chain mail
21 x Odachi
12 x Rapier King Carlos III, forge
12 x US Cosat Guard Officer Saber
12 x US Navy Officer Saber
14 x US Airforce Sword
14 x West Point Sword
13 x US Army officer Saber
12 x US Marine Corps NCO Saber
12 x US Marine Corps Officer Saber
7 x Barbarossa - Silver
17 x Broadsword Halflang Sword
6 x Carlomagno
6 x Carlomagno´s Sword, old gold
6 x Carlomagno´s Sword, old silver
10 x Carlomagno´s Sword, with Scabbard, old gold
10 x Carlomagno´s Sword, with Scabbard, old silver
5 x Carlos V Sword
4 x Carlos V Sword, with scabbard
5 x Castilla Bishop Sword
4 x Catholic Kings
6 x Charles III
6 x Charles V
6 x Charles V
6 x Claymore - Oro / Plata
6 x Colada- Cid Campeador
17 x Basket Hilt Sword
14 x Bowman Sword with Scabbard
17 x Celtic Sword
8 x Combat Bastard Sword
17 x English Two Hand Sword
15 x English XIII c. Bastard Sword
18 x Gallowglass Sword
7 x Gigantic Two Hand Sword
9 x Gigantic Two Hand Sword-Scabbard
7 x Arab Dagger
12 x Ballock Dagger C.XV
7 x Barroque Dagger
6 x Brittain Dagger
5 x Calatrava Order Dagger
5 x Catalonian Dagger
6 x Cinquedea
6 x Dagger 3 Eagles, old gold
6 x Dagger 3 Eagles, old silver
5 x Dagger Birds
5 x Dagger Birds, forge
6 x Dagger Eagle-forge
6 x Dagger Lions
5 x Dagger Lions, forge
5 x Dagger Lions, golden
5 x Dagger Lions, silver
10 x Dagger Lions, Woodboard
5 x Ears Dagger
10 x Basket Hilt Scotish Sword
16 x Scottish Dirk
17 x W.Wallace Sword
11 x Eldar mini-sword
7 x El Cid Colada Sword with Scabbard
7 x El Cid Tizona Sword
7 x El Cid Tizona Sword with Scabbard
10 x El Cid Tizona Sword with Woodboard
6 x Battle Roman Sword
6 x Carthago Sword
5 x Carthago Sword with Scabbard
7 x Celtic Short Sword
6 x Celtic Sword
10 x Falcata
9 x Falcata with scabbard
5 x Falcata, Iberian sword with scabbard
5 x Gladius, Centurion´s Sword with Scabbard
9 x Greek Hoplite´s Sword
6 x Iberian Falcata
6 x Julio Cesar
6 x Legiones Romanas Sword
5 x Legiones Romanas Sword with Scabbard
10 x Mainz Gladius
8 x Ali Atar´s Sword, silver finish
7 x Flamigera Sword
6 x King Boabdil´s Sword
12 x Scimitar, Sarracen Sword
12 x Scimitar, Sarracen Sword, silver
6 x Sword Carlos V, silver
7 x Great War Sword
16 x Great War Sword
7 x Jaime I´s Two-Hand Sword
8 x Medieval Bastard Sword
7 x Normand Sword
6 x Sword of Sancho Dávila
6 x Sword of the Catholic Kings
6 x Two-Hand Sword of the Holly Inquisition
8 x Two-hands Mercenary Sword
7 x Viking Antenne Sword
7 x Viking Sword
7 x Viking Sword
15 x Viking Sword
7 x Viking Sword II
7 x Viking Sword with Scabbard
8 x Big Batman Sword
7 x Devil Sword
6 x Sword Barbarian, barbarian-golden
6 x Sword Barbarian, barbarian-silver
6 x Sword Barbarian, golden
6 x Sword Barbarian, silver
6 x Sword of Thor
7 x Don Quixote
7 x Excalibur - Enamel
7 x Excalibur - Gold/Silver
7 x Ivanhoe
11 x Katana - Connor McLeod
7 x Lancelot
6 x Merlin´s Sword
6 x Robin Hood - Gold / Silver
6 x Sword Excalibur, barbarian-silver
6 x Sword Excalibur, golden
6 x Sword Excalibur, silver
6 x The Apocalypse Riders
7 x The Hell Guardian
7 x Valiant Prince
6 x Barroque Rapier, old gold
6 x Barroque Rapier, old silver
6 x Brueghel Rapier
5 x Brueghel Rapier, Damascene
6 x Cazoleta Sword
6 x Christophorus Columbus Sword, Old Gold
5 x Cup Rapier Sword con Vaina
14 x English Mortuary Sword
5 x Francisco I French Rapier
8 x Hand Forged Carlos III Rapier Sword
6 x Hernan Cortes Rapier Sword
5 x King Carlos III Sword
5 x King Felipe II Sword
4 x Lys Flower Rapier
3 x Lys Flower Rapier, Damascene
7 x Boarding French Inmerial Navy Saber
6 x Briquet Sabre
7 x British 1796 Light Cavalry Saber
7 x British Indian Army General Saber
7 x British S.XVIII Sabre
7 x Court Sword C.XVIII
9 x CSA Officer Saber
6 x Dragon French Saber
5 x Ecuador Navy Sabre
5 x El Ecuador Police Saber
4 x El Salvador Sabre
7 x French Navy Mod.1848 Saber
6 x Glaive with Scabbard
6 x Grenadier Sabre
5 x Heavy Cavalry Sabre, with scabbard
7 x Hussar Officer Saber
6 x Imperial Guard Light Cavalry French Saber
8 x Black Handle Fencing
8 x Black Rose Fencing Foil
8 x Black Sea Shell Fencing
7 x French Fencing
7 x Italian Fencing
6 x Spanish Fencing
7 x Barbarossa Sword, Old Gold
8 x Barbarossa Sword, Old Silver
7 x Carlomagno Sword, Old Gold
7 x Carlomagno Sword, Old Silver
7 x El Cid Tizona Sword, Caydet, old gold
7 x El Cid Tizona Sword, Caydet, old silver
7 x El Cid Tizona Sword, Enfant, old gold
6 x El Cid Tizona Sword, Enfant, old silver
12 x El Cid Tizona Sword, scale down 1/2, with Woodboard
10 x El Cid Tizona Sword, scale down 3/4, with Woodboard
6 x Lancelot Sword, Old Gold
6 x Lancelot Sword, Old Silver
6 x Roland Sword, Old Gold
6 x Roland Sword, Old Silver
6 x Sword Barbarian, Caydet, old silver
6 x Sword Barbarian, Caydet, oro viejo
6 x Sword Excalibur, Caydet, old gold
6 x Sword Excalibur, Caydet, old silver
8 x El Cid´s Tizona, Caydet, old gold
8 x El Cid´s Tizona, Caydet, old silver
8 x El Cid´s Tizona, Enfant, old gold
8 x El Cid´s Tizona, Enfant, old silver
7 x El Cid´s Tizona, old gold
8 x El Cid´s Tizona, old silver
7 x Lion´s Dagger, old gold
7 x Lion´s Dagger, old silver
7 x Queen Sword, old gold
7 x Queen Sword, old silver
7 x Scimitar, old gold
8 x Scimitar, old silver
7 x French Ceremonial Sword
6 x Masonic Ceremonial Sword
6 x Masonic North Europe Sword
6 x Napoleon´s Sword, old gold
6 x Napoleon´s Sword, old silver
6 x U.S. Air Force Sabre
7 x U.S. Ceremonial Sword
7 x U.S. Westpoint Sabre
9 x US Marines Damascene Saber
6 x Bookeeper Tizona
4 x Carved Brass Decorative Schield
4 x Carved Brass Decorative Schield
4 x Decorative Round Schield
5 x Decorative small Round Schield
7 x Eagle Napoleonic 2nd. Empire
9 x Fantasy Swords Letter Opener Collection
8 x Letter Opener Artillery Officer 1855
7 x Letter Opener Champagne Sabre
7 x Letter Opener Damascene Boabdil
7 x Letter Opener Damascene Excalibur
7 x Letter Opener Damascene Katana
7 x Letter Opener Damascene Tizona
8 x Letter Opener Gran Capitan
7 x Letter Opener Normand
9 x Maximillian Helmet
9 x Roman Intercissa Helmet
9 x Sallet Helmet
9 x Sutton Hoo Helmet
13 x U.S. Cavalry Saber
9 x Vikings Helmet
14 x Hand a Half Sword with Scabbard
16 x Irish Sword
11 x Pappenheimer Rapier
13 x XIII Century Sword
13 x Plug Bayonet C.XVII
10 x Viking Scamax
12 x Roman Spatha
15 x Saxon Sword
6 x Dragon Snake II Katana
6 x Edo Katana
6 x Katana - Duncan McLeod
7 x Katana - Fujigawa
7 x Katana - Mitsuhide
7 x Katana - Nihonto
7 x Katana - Nobunaga
7 x Katana - Nobutora
7 x Katana - Tokugawa
6 x Katana 220
6 x Katana 328
6 x Katana 411
6 x Katana 412
6 x Katana 8120
6 x Katana 8126
7 x Katana of the God of the Fire - Bronze
6 x Katana Daisho Set - Nihonto
6 x Katana Daisho Set - Nobunaga
6 x Katana Set - Connor McLeod
6 x Katana Set - Duncan McLeod
6 x Katana Set - Fujigawa
6 x Katana Set - Mitsuhide
6 x Katana Set - Tokugawa
6 x Tanto 8326
6 x Tanto Ashikawa
6 x Tanto Dragon Snake II
6 x Tanto Korekazu
6 x Tanto Mitsuhide
6 x Tanto Tren
6 x Tanto Turrero
7 x Wakizashi - Mitsuhide
7 x Wakizashi - Ashikawa
7 x Wakizashi - Connor McLeod
7 x Wakizashi - Duncan McLeod
7 x Wakizashi - Fujigawa
7 x Wakizashi - Nobunaga
7 x Wakizashi - Nobutora
7 x Wakizashi - Tokugawa
7 x Wakizashi 8127
7 x Wakizashi Dragon Snake II
7 x Wakizashi Ninja 329
7 x Wakizashi Shirasaya 201
6 x Wakizashi Shirasaya 204
9 x Aikuchi II
6 x Tachi 450
5 x Tachi 8142
6 x Tachi Meiji
7 x Katana Ninja 375
12 x Ryumon Practical Katana
5 x Atlantean Conan´s Sword (bronce)
5 x Atlantean Conan´s Sword (plata)
5 x Atlantean Conan´s Sword, Special Edition
5 x Imperial Guard Mounted Grenadiers Saber
4 x Imperial Guard Sapper´s Sabre
9 x Pompeii Gladius
8 x Roman Cavalry Spatha
9 x Roman Legionary Helmet "Montefortino"
8 x Roman Pugio
8 x Roman Pugio, Bronce Plated
10 x Spanish NCO Sabre
3 x Conan Dagger (bronce)
2 x Conan Dagger (gold)
2 x Conan Dagger (silver)
3 x Conan´s Father Sword, (bronce)
3 x Conan´s Father Sword, (silver)
3 x Conan´s Father Sword, Special Edition
3 x Conan´s Peak Axe
3 x Conan´s Single Axe
3 x Conan´s Triple Axe
3 x Conan´s War Hammer
2 x Snake Dagger (bronce)
2 x Snake Dagger (oro)
2 x Snake Dagger (silver)
3 x Valeria Sword, (silver)
2 x Valeria Sword, (silver)
4 x Conan Helmet
3 x Conan Shield
3 x ConanShield, Black
3 x ConanShield, Green
4 x Rexor Helmet
3 x Taramis Helmet
4 x Thorgrim Helmet
3 x Spanish Tizona
4 x Spanish Rapier
4 x Gran Capitan´s Sword
5 x Roman Short Sword, Eagle
2 x Miniature Armour, Big
2 x Miniature Armour, Medium
2 x Miniature Armour, Small
2 x Miniature Knight
1 x Miniature Knight
3 x Display 24 Historical Swords
3 x Display 4 Historical Swords
2 x Display 6 Historical Swords
2 x Display 8 Historical Swords
3 x Mini Axe, Bronze
3 x Mini Falcata, Bronze
3 x Mini Mace, Bronze
2 x Miniature Katana and Wakizashi
2 x Set 3 Historical Mini Swords
4 x The Great Captain
4 x Rapier Sword Black con Vaina
5 x Rapier Sword - Red
5 x U.S. Navy Sabre
6 x XII Century Helmet
6 x Viking Helmet with Chain Mail
7 x Spartan Corinthian Helmet
7 x Sant Wenceslao Helmet
6 x Royal Corinthian Helmet with Plume
7 x Rennaissance Helmet
8 x Normand Helmet
6 x Leather Viking Helmet
5 x Leather Templar Helmet
5 x Leather Morrion Helmet
6 x Winchester 1.892
7 x Winchester 1.866 "Yellow Boy"
3 x Tizona- Cid Campeador
3 x Tizona del Cid - Oro
3 x Templars - Silver
2 x Templars - Gold
2 x Templar´s sword with Scabbard
2 x Templar´s sword
2 x Templar´s "Sub umbra alarum..." sword with Scabbard
2 x Sword XI Century
2 x Sword X Century
3 x Sword of Queen, old silver
2 x Saint Fernando´s Sword
3 x Garcia de Paredes Sword
3 x Columbus - Gold
4 x Cutlass
2 x Fernando III The Saint
2 x Finger Sword
2 x Finger Sword, damascene
2 x Gran Capitan´s Sword, with scabbard
2 x Jaime I´s Sword
2 x Masonic - gold
2 x Masonic - silver
2 x Richard Lionheart - Gold / Silver
1 x Roland - Gold
1 x Saint Fernando´s Sword, with scabbard
3 x Scottish - William Wallace
1 x Solomon - Silver
4 x Turk Dagger
3 x Short Dagger
3 x Russian Dagger
6 x Roman Dagger Lions, old silver
6 x Roman Dagger Lions, golden
3 x Renaissance Dagger
3 x Normand Dagger
2 x Middle Age German Dagger
4 x Jerusalem Dagger
3 x Gumia, olden finish
3 x Gumia small silver
3 x Gumia small
3 x Gumia
5 x German Dagger
5 x Roman Spatha IVc.
5 x Roman Spatha IIIc.
4 x Roman Short Sword
4 x Two-hands Rennaissance Sword
2 x Toledan Rapier with scabbard
2 x Toledan Rapier Damascene
3 x Toledan Rapier
4 x Tizona Sword
3 x Tizona Española, golden
3 x Tizona Española, forge
3 x Rapiera King Carlos III, golden
3 x Rapier Swords- Gold
3 x Rapier Swords
3 x Rapier Swords
4 x Rapier Sword - Black
3 x U.S. NCO Marine Corps Sabre
5 x U.S. Marine Corps Sabre, Woodboard
3 x U.S. Marine Corps Sabre
3 x U.S. Army Saber
5 x Turkish Sabre, Woodboard
2 x Spanish Subofficer Saber
2 x Spanish Officer Sabre
3 x Pirate Sabre
4 x Parade French Saber F1
4 x Parade French Mod.1961 Saber
2 x Model Saint Cyr Frech Army Saber
3 x Model Champagne Frech Army Saber
2 x Model 1.822 Frech Army Saber
4 x Mamelouck Style French Saber
4 x Line Cavalry French Saber
4 x Light Cavalry French Saber
4 x Templar´s Sword, Caydet
4 x Papeweight Friedich II of Prussia
4 x Paperweight
4 x Paper Weight Colada
4 x Paper Weight Cazoleta
4 x Old Bronce Crown
6 x Letter Opener Saint Fernando
4 x Katana Shirasaya 202
4 x Katana Shirasaya 200
3 x Katana The sword of the Gods - Hand Decorated
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