Custom Laser WKC Sword Etching - Image


Custom Laser WKC Sword Etching - Image

Laser etched Logo

We offer the possibility to laser etch any logo or symbol. For single orders the price is 100,00 euro, for larger quantity, please ask for quotation:

Etch Placements and sizes:

The logo is etched on the opposit side of the WKC logo on the blade. We offer 2 possibilities of placement of the logo:


Solution 1: Placement ''0°''

Solution 2: Placement ''90°''



You need to send us by email the image you want to be etched on the blade with the following data:

  • Type of file accepted:
    • .bmp (in black and white, not grey, no colours).
    • High resolution, minimum 300 dpi.
    • Please note that type of files like .jpg are not accepted.
    • Please note that in some cases we need to modify the pictures, so it could be that additional costs can follow. We will inform you, if so.
  • Size of the etching: It will be adjust according to the positioning of your etch on the blade. the size is the blade width less ca. 3 mm. We will do as per you request.
  • For all available blades.

No se olvide de enviarnos la imagen que desea grabar por e-mail.

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