Viking Sword


Viking Sword
Viking Sword. High quality blade forged in high carbon non polished tempered steel and brass and iron hilt.
The vikings were sailors and warriors who lived in Scandinavia. During the centuries VIII and IX, the vikings ravaged the european coast in their fast drakkars. They inspired such fear that in England it was prayed: "Lord, save us from the Northmen´s rage". This wild people believed in the god Odin who had a brother named Loki, that was the spirit of evil. A viking warrior had to die with an weapon in his hands, in order to be recognized by the Walkiries, warrior women riding winged horses, that would guide them into the Walhalla. In Walhalla the warriors would rest till the end of the times. Then Odin would call them to face the evil hordes led by Loki, in the gretest fight betwen good and evil, the Ragnarok or the End of the Days Battle.
Overall lenght: 75 cm - Weight: 1.500 gr.

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