Last Samurai Katana


Last Samurai Katana


Handforged 1050 carbon steel blade with kanji engraved Horimono, perfectly balanced, tempered and polished using traditional japanese methodes by an expert artesans. Kashira or pommel and Fuchi made of blackened bronze, Tsuka or hilt made of hand carved hard wood covered by real Same ray skin and with cotton Ito wrapping, blackened iron Tsuba with oriental decoration, massive brass Habaki. Saya or scabbard handmade of wood in black colour.

Battle Ready and it is sharpened. Full Tang


Overall lenght: 100 cm

Blade lenght (measured from the habaki): 68 cm

Tsuka lenght: 29 cm.

Blade width at the Habaki: 32 mm

Blade width at the Kissaki: 22 mm.
Blade thickness at the Habaki: 7 mm.

Blade thickness at the Kissaki: 5 mm.
Kissaki lenght: 4 cm.

Sori (curvature): 1,8 mm.
Weigh (without saya): 1120 gr.

Balance point (measured from the Tsuba): at 13 cm.
Hardness in Rockwell scale: 55 Rc

Blade Characteristics:
Blade Shape: Shinogi-Zukuri, curve with koyote
Kissaki (tip ): tipe Ö (long)
Hamon ( edge tempered line ) : Notare-Midare tipe ( irregular ).
Mune ( blade spine ): Ihori style ( angled )
Hada ( steel granulate ): No hada
Tsuba: Tetsu tipe ( made of iron )
Tsuba form:Maruu Gata
Sori (blade curvature): Torii style ( in the center of the blade )

Delivered with sword-bag.
Delivery 2-4 weeks.



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