Nobufusa Katana



WKC brings a new Katana, based on the forging technique of Makuri. The blade is made up of a soft steel inside (shingane) coated with a hard steel (kawagane) with higher percentage of carbon. The material is called tama-hagane:

  • Sugata (Blade style):
    • Hand-forged curved blade with Bohi ni tsure-hi (one small and one large groove) The outside groove is larger than the inside grrove. Blade with Chu-Kissaki (tip). The blade spine is iori-mune. The blade is forged from 2 sorts of steel, the softer low carbon steel is embedded into the harder Tamahagane steel. This forging art comes from the Japanese model Makuri which was taught in Japan since centuries but only to the best smith. The two steels are forged up to 32768 layers and thanks to the traditional clay-wrapping technique for differential hardening, you can see the martensite crystals and the Hamonline. This is made visible with our carbon steel blade only by manual polishing. The hardness of the Mune is ca 48° HRC and the Ha (blade edge) is ca 61° HRC.

  • Dimensions:
    • Nagasa (blade length): ca. 71 cm / 28 inch.
    • Sori (curvature): ca.2.54 cm / 1 inch.
    • Moto-Kasane (Thickness at base): ca. 8 mm/ 0.31 inch.
    • Saki-Haba (width at tip): ca. 22 mm / 0.86 inch.
    • Moto-Haba (width at base): ca. 32 mm / 1.26 inch.
    • Balance point (measured from Habaki): ca.10 cm / 3.93 inch
    • Nakago (tongue) with Mei (inscription) according to the tradition: WKC and year of production.


  • Kashira (Cap):
    • Beautifully carved. Carbon steel (C45). Steel oxidized, black color with gold lacquered snake.
  • Tsuka (Grip):
    • Wood grip, adapted to the tongue. 12 inch / 30,5 cm.
  • Tsuka-ito (Handle wrap):
    • Pure silk, black, tight
  • Samé:
    • Real white ray skin.
  • 2 Menuki:
    • Brass, hand-polished, gold-plated. One each side, traditional mounting of Menuki.
  • Habaki:
    • Brass. Made in 1 piece.
  • Seppa:
    • Copper.
  • 2 Mekugi:
    • Bamboo wood, based upon the traditional method to seat the pins. The 2 mekugi-ana are drilled diagonal and conical into the tongue. The mekugi are fitted from opposite side.
  • Tsuba (Guard):
    • Carbon steel (C45), hand-polished. Steel oxidized, black color.
  • Saya (Scabbard):
    • Selected wood. Brown lacquered. Curved according to the Sori. The Koi-guchi (mouth piece) is made of buffalo horn. Saya with kurikata and 2 shitodome to hold the Obi.
  • Sageo:
    • Brown (cord used for tying the Saya to the Obi - knob on the Saya).
  • Total Weight:
    • 1 290 gr. without Saya.
  • Included Accessories:
    • Protective cloth bag with nice colourful embroidery.

Estimated delivery time: 8 - 10 weeks.

Para pagos contra reembolso, se solicitará una señal del 25%.


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1 x Gladius, Centurion´s Sword with Scabbard
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1 x Iberian Falcata
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1 x Barroque Rapier, old silver
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1 x Brueghel Rapier, Damascene
1 x Cazoleta Sword
1 x Christophorus Columbus Sword, Old Gold
1 x Cup Rapier Sword con Vaina
2 x English Mortuary Sword
1 x Francisco I French Rapier
1 x Hand Forged Carlos III Rapier Sword
1 x Hernan Cortes Rapier Sword
1 x King Carlos III Sword
1 x King Felipe II Sword
1 x Lys Flower Rapier
1 x Lys Flower Rapier, Damascene
2 x Boarding French Inmerial Navy Saber
2 x Briquet Sabre
2 x British 1796 Light Cavalry Saber
2 x British Indian Army General Saber
1 x British S.XVIII Sabre
2 x Court Sword C.XVIII
1 x CSA Officer Saber
2 x Dragon French Saber
1 x Ecuador Navy Sabre
1 x El Ecuador Police Saber
1 x El Salvador Sabre
2 x French Navy Mod.1848 Saber
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1 x Glaive with Scabbard
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1 x Black Rose Fencing Foil
1 x Black Sea Shell Fencing
1 x French Fencing
1 x Italian Fencing
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1 x Carlomagno Sword, Old Gold
1 x Carlomagno Sword, Old Silver
1 x El Cid Tizona Sword, Caydet, old gold
1 x El Cid Tizona Sword, Caydet, old silver
1 x El Cid Tizona Sword, Enfant, old gold
1 x El Cid Tizona Sword, Enfant, old silver
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1 x Roland Sword, Old Gold
1 x Roland Sword, Old Silver
2 x Scimitar, Sarracen Sword
2 x Scimitar, Sarracen Sword, silver
1 x Sword Barbarian, Caydet, old silver
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1 x Sword Excalibur, Caydet, old gold
1 x Sword Excalibur, Caydet, old silver
1 x El Cid´s Tizona, Caydet, old gold
1 x El Cid´s Tizona, Caydet, old silver
1 x El Cid´s Tizona, Enfant, old gold
1 x El Cid´s Tizona, Enfant, old silver
1 x El Cid´s Tizona, old gold
1 x El Cid´s Tizona, old silver
1 x Lion´s Dagger, old gold
1 x Lion´s Dagger, old silver
1 x Queen Sword, old gold
1 x Queen Sword, old silver
1 x Scimitar, old gold
1 x Scimitar, old silver
2 x Carlomagno´s Sword, with Scabbard, old gold
2 x Carlomagno´s Sword, with Scabbard, old silver
1 x French Ceremonial Sword
1 x Masonic Ceremonial Sword
1 x Masonic North Europe Sword
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1 x Carved Brass Decorative Schield
1 x Dagger Lions, Woodboard
1 x Decorative Round Schield
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1 x Eagle Napoleonic 2nd. Empire
1 x Fantasy Swords Letter Opener Collection
1 x Letter Opener Artillery Officer 1855
1 x Letter Opener Champagne Sabre
1 x Letter Opener Damascene
1 x Letter Opener Damascene Boabdil
1 x Letter Opener Damascene Excalibur
1 x Letter Opener Damascene Katana
1 x Letter Opener Damascene Tizona
1 x Letter Opener Gran Capitan
1 x Letter Opener Normand
1 x Ballock Dagger C.XV
2 x Great War Sword
1 x Great War Viking Axe
1 x Hand a Half Sword with Scabbard
1 x Irish Sword
1 x Pappenheimer Rapier
1 x Maximo´s Sword
1 x Maximo´s Sword Scabbard
2 x Tigris´s of Gaul Sword
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2 x Alexander Sword Scabbard
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1 x Darius Dagger Scabbard
1 x Darius Sword
1 x Darius Sword Scabbard
1 x Falcata Scabbard
1 x Elenas´s Sword
1 x Zorro´s Sword
1 x Zorro´s Sword, classical serie )
1 x Hercules Sword, Gold
1 x Hercules Sword, Silver
2 x "The Best of Highlander" Claymore Dagger, golden
2 x "The Best of Highlander" Claymore Dagger, Silver
2 x "The Best of Highlander" Claymore, golden
2 x "The Best of Highlander" Claymore, Silver
2 x "The Best of Highlander" Dagger, golden
2 x "The Best of Highlander" Dagger, silver
2 x "The Best of Highlander" Sword, golden
2 x "The Best of Highlander" Sword, silver
1 x Claymore Shield
1 x Connor MacLeod Katana
1 x Connor MacLeod Sword
1 x Duncan MacLeod Katana
1 x Duncan MacLeod Rapier Sword
1 x Highlander Shield
1 x Kronos Sword
1 x Richie Ryan Rapier Sword
1 x Captain Hook´s Sword
1 x Peter Pan´s Sword
1 x Gabrielle Katana
1 x Xena Katana "Final Episode"
1 x Xena Super Katana
1 x Xena Sword
1 x 970.9 Shield
1 x 982 Shield
1 x Aikuchi II
1 x Atlantean Conan´s Sword (bronce)
1 x Atlantean Conan´s Sword (plata)
1 x Atlantean Conan´s Sword, Special Edition
2 x Barbarossa - Silver
1 x Ali Atar´s Sword, silver finish
1 x Flamigera Sword
1 x King Boabdil´s Sword
1 x Carlomagno
1 x Carlomagno´s Sword, old gold
1 x Carlomagno´s Sword, old silver
1 x Carlos V Sword
1 x Carlos V Sword, with scabbard
1 x Castilla Bishop Sword
1 x Catholic Kings
1 x Charles III
1 x Charles V
1 x Charles V
1 x Claymore - Oro / Plata
1 x Colada- Cid Campeador
1 x Sword Carlos V, silver
1 x Viking Antenne Sword
1 x Viking Sword
1 x Viking Sword
1 x Viking Sword
1 x Viking Sword II
1 x Viking Sword with Scabbard
1 x Great War Sword
1 x Jaime I´s Two-Hand Sword
1 x Medieval Bastard Sword
1 x Normand Sword
1 x Sword of Sancho Dávila
1 x Sword of the Catholic Kings
1 x Two-Hand Sword of the Holly Inquisition
1 x Two-hands Mercenary Sword
2 x Oak Bokken
2 x Oak Bokken - Black
3 x Sai
2 x Shinai
1 x Wooden Taichi Sword
1 x Makara Two Hand Sword
1 x Takuan Two Hand Sword
1 x Zatoichi Taichi Sword
1 x Zhang Sanfeng Taichi Sword
2 x Hammer and Glove Set
2 x Maintenance Traditional Kit
1 x Odachi
1 x Regaton
1 x Ryumon Practical Katana
1 x Spanish NCO Sabre
1 x Spear Blade
2 x Sword Frog belt holder
1 x War Sword with scabard
1 x Katana Exhibitor
1 x Katana Exhibitor
1 x Katana Exhibitor
1 x Katana Exhibitor
1 x Katana Exhibitor
1 x Katana Exhibitor
2 x Katana Exhibitor
1 x Katana Red Woodboard
1 x Katana Woodboard
2 x Stand for Helmet
2 x Stand for One Sword
2 x Stand for Three Swords
2 x Stand for Two Swords
1 x Sword Exhibitor
1 x Sword Exhibitor
1 x Three Katanas - Exhibitor
2 x Katana Bag
2 x Katana Bag
1 x Transport Bag
1 x Medieval Dagger Scabbard
1 x Sable Woodboard
1 x Sabre Leather Bag
1 x Scimitar Woodboard
1 x Sheath and Belt
1 x Sheath and Tahali
1 x Sword Holder Hand
1 x Wrapped Sheath and Belt
1 x Light Cavalry French Saber
1 x "Pig Face" Helmet
1 x Barbuta Helm
1 x Chivalric Helmet
1 x Greek-Roman Sandles
1 x Imperial Guard Mounted Grenadiers Saber
1 x Imperial Guard Sapper´s Sabre
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