Katana, the samurai Spirit. High quality blade forged in hardened stainless steel, with waved temper line, stailess steel Habaki, metallic alloy Tsubs with japanese decorations. Tsuka of ivory imitation resin; Metallic Kashira. Lacquered Saya. Decorative and funtional, an elegant sword.
It is possible to get it: Sharpened, Reletively Sharpened or Blunt
Total Lenght: 100 cm (38 in)
Exceptional Finish

Blade Shape: Shinogi-Zukuri, curve without koyote
Kissaki (tip ): tipe Chü (long)
Boshi ( tempered line of the tip or Kissaki ): Jakizume ( paralell to blade shape ),
Hamon ( edge tempered line ) : Notare tipe ( wavy ).
Mune ( blade spine ): Ihori style ( angled )
Tsuba: Kinko tipe ( made of alloy )
Tsuba Shape: Aoi Gata
Sori (blade curvature): Koshi style ( nearer to the Tsuka )

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1 x Sword Excalibur, Caydet, old silver
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1 x El Cid´s Tizona, Caydet, old silver
1 x El Cid´s Tizona, Enfant, old gold
1 x El Cid´s Tizona, Enfant, old silver
1 x El Cid´s Tizona, old gold
1 x El Cid´s Tizona, old silver
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2 x Alexander Sword Scabbard
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1 x Darius Sword
1 x Darius Sword Scabbard
1 x Falcata Scabbard
1 x Elenas´s Sword
1 x Zorro´s Sword
1 x Zorro´s Sword, classical serie )
1 x Hercules Sword, Gold
1 x Hercules Sword, Silver
2 x "The Best of Highlander" Claymore Dagger, golden
2 x "The Best of Highlander" Claymore Dagger, Silver
2 x "The Best of Highlander" Claymore, golden
2 x "The Best of Highlander" Claymore, Silver
2 x "The Best of Highlander" Dagger, golden
2 x "The Best of Highlander" Dagger, silver
2 x "The Best of Highlander" Sword, golden
2 x "The Best of Highlander" Sword, silver
1 x Claymore Shield
1 x Connor MacLeod Katana
1 x Connor MacLeod Sword
1 x Duncan MacLeod Katana
1 x Duncan MacLeod Rapier Sword
1 x Highlander Shield
1 x Kronos Sword
1 x Richie Ryan Rapier Sword
1 x Captain Hook´s Sword
1 x Peter Pan´s Sword
1 x Gabrielle Katana
1 x Xena Katana "Final Episode"
1 x Xena Super Katana
1 x Xena Sword
1 x 970.9 Shield
1 x 982 Shield
1 x Aikuchi II
1 x Atlantean Conan´s Sword (bronce)
1 x Atlantean Conan´s Sword (plata)
1 x Atlantean Conan´s Sword, Special Edition
2 x Barbarossa - Silver
1 x Ali Atar´s Sword, silver finish
1 x Flamigera Sword
1 x King Boabdil´s Sword
1 x Carlomagno
1 x Carlomagno´s Sword, old gold
1 x Carlomagno´s Sword, old silver
1 x Carlos V Sword
1 x Carlos V Sword, with scabbard
1 x Castilla Bishop Sword
1 x Catholic Kings
1 x Charles III
1 x Charles V
1 x Charles V
1 x Claymore - Oro / Plata
1 x Colada- Cid Campeador
1 x Sword Carlos V, silver
1 x Viking Antenne Sword
1 x Viking Sword
1 x Viking Sword
1 x Viking Sword
1 x Viking Sword II
1 x Viking Sword with Scabbard
1 x Great War Sword
1 x Jaime I´s Two-Hand Sword
1 x Medieval Bastard Sword
1 x Normand Sword
1 x Sword of Sancho Dávila
1 x Sword of the Catholic Kings
1 x Two-Hand Sword of the Holly Inquisition
1 x Two-hands Mercenary Sword
2 x Oak Bokken
2 x Oak Bokken - Black
3 x Sai
2 x Shinai
1 x Wooden Taichi Sword
1 x Makara Two Hand Sword
1 x Takuan Two Hand Sword
1 x Zatoichi Taichi Sword
1 x Zhang Sanfeng Taichi Sword
2 x Hammer and Glove Set
2 x Maintenance Traditional Kit
1 x Odachi
1 x Regaton
1 x Ryumon Practical Katana
1 x Spanish NCO Sabre
1 x Spear Blade
2 x Sword Frog belt holder
1 x War Sword with scabard
1 x Katana Exhibitor
1 x Katana Exhibitor
1 x Katana Exhibitor
1 x Katana Exhibitor
1 x Katana Exhibitor
1 x Katana Exhibitor
2 x Katana Exhibitor
1 x Katana Red Woodboard
1 x Katana Woodboard
2 x Stand for Helmet
2 x Stand for One Sword
2 x Stand for Three Swords
2 x Stand for Two Swords
1 x Sword Exhibitor
1 x Sword Exhibitor
1 x Three Katanas - Exhibitor
2 x Katana Bag
2 x Katana Bag
1 x Transport Bag
1 x Medieval Dagger Scabbard
1 x Sable Woodboard
1 x Sabre Leather Bag
1 x Scimitar Woodboard
1 x Sheath and Belt
1 x Sheath and Tahali
1 x Sword Holder Hand
1 x Wrapped Sheath and Belt
1 x Light Cavalry French Saber
1 x "Pig Face" Helmet
1 x Barbuta Helm
1 x Chivalric Helmet
1 x Greek-Roman Sandles
1 x Imperial Guard Mounted Grenadiers Saber
1 x Imperial Guard Sapper´s Sabre
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